Kevin & Marissa


Kevin and Marissa are a dynamic team who strive to provide for their family while helping you provide a home for yours.  They each bring different skills and approaches to managing the largest investment of your life.

Kevin grew up in small town, rural America where he enjoyed freedom and long bike rides to friends homes.  He enjoyed chess, his dog, and music.  At the age of eighteen he joined the military, serving 12 years.  During his service Kevin made a combat deployment to Iraq and several non-combat deployments.  Since retiring from the Army Kevin has enjoyed raising his daughters, playing with his dogs, and doing whatever he wants!  

Marissa grew up in a suburban bedroom community outside Boston where she enjoyed her friends and time with family.  After high school Marissa worked in the medical community as a nurse's assistant, and later as a EMT on an ambulance.  Marissa has always enjoyed music, reading, and her animal companions. Working on the ambulance together is where Kevin and Marissa met and fell quickly in love.

These days they enjoy time on their small homestead with their three daughters, two dogs, two cats, turtle, numerous chickens and goats, and their two llamas!  Kevin and Marissa homeschool their children and they worship the Lord at Nixa First Assembly.  They love the communities that they are part of in SWMO.

Kevin and Marissa are passionate about helping fellow veteran and military families and they treat them each as family. They posess expert level knowledge in navigating the unique process that is the VA home loan and they are honored to be of assistance in helping veterans utilize that benefit to purchase a home for them and their family.

Kevin & Marissa, in their quest to know as much about his business as possible, have been able to earn their broker's licenses and a special designation of PSA (Pricing Strategy Advisor).  Kevin has become so knowlegable on the finer details of the real estate business and law that he has begun teaching licensure classses at a local real estate school!  

Kevin and Marissa help people buy and sell their real estate properties with honesty and integrity and strive to serve God in all that they do.    



Haunna Songer

 Haunna is the superhero of this team.  Also a professional REALTOR, once a home goes under contract, she takes over.  She communicates with loan officers to see that all loan obligations are met as well as making sure that all mortgage related real estate obligations are met. She communicates with other agents.   She schedules Inspections; tracks contractual deadlines and she even manages the agents calendars.  She does all this while keeping the clients updated on the status of their home sale.  She is madly in love with her husband, Daniel with whom she served as an Army Wife through every day military life and combat deployments.   She treasures every minute spent with their boys; Easton and Braydn.  Together, they have a dog Milo and a cat Aspen.




Mary Sekunda


Mary is a full time professional REALTOR with almost 34 years experience.  She started in 1986 in the title industry where she did title searches, title commitments and Final policies.  She has worked as an Abstract typist, she has been a Real Estate Broker, an appraisers assistant and now she works as a REALTOR.  She combines all this experience and knowledge to be the attentive and intuitive agent she is today.  She is active in her church, James River Assembly and works hard to serve the Lord.  She is especially proud of her loving son, Joshua.  She has two dogs, Charlie and Bailey.


So when you decide that you'd like to buy or sell a home in the greater Springfield area, please contact us.